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Our Testimony

I wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for the exceptional work of your West Coast team. They have shown dedication & flexibility through out the various shipping seasons with minimum to zero shipping errors. Lorraine & Josh’s professionalism & efficiency continues to be exceptionally impressive. It has been an ongoing pleasure to work with Bergen Shippers West. We look forward to a successful shipping season!

Many, Many Thanks!
Angela Turnipseed
We could not have done this without your guidance, hand holding and patience.

We could not ask for a more caring “partner(s)”

Marsha Pressman
Chief Operating Officer

I'm happy to introduce you to the best Pick & Pack total warehouse service in the area. Bergen Shippers has locations both by L.A. and New Jersey, I have a lot of personal experience working with them and highly recommend them. They are very accommodating and offer a lot of professional expertise, combined with personalized service that I really like. They can handle all of your warehousing needs including backoffice/EDI etc.

Sheila Hill Launch USA/FBInc.
We are very satisfied with Bergen Shippers, and highly recommend their services. The company employs reliable and honest people..staff is well trained from top to bottom. Most of the managers have been with the company for many years, and know every customer with all of his/her preferences and quirks very well. The warehouse is neat, clean and well organized. Security is extremely tight. The whole operation is computerized to the point where, depending on the software you use, you can track the progress of your order from the moment you send your Picking Tickets to the warehouse all the way to your customer’s door.

We are very satisfied with turn-around time on both receiving and shipping.

Honestly, I get sales calls from other warehouses all the time, and when I mention Bergen Shippers most of the callers don’t even try to lure our business: they know that they can’t compete.

INHABIT Alex Tenenbaum

Promgirl is excited to have such a great fulfillment partner in Bergen Logistics. Through their strong focus on both our customers and the specific needs for our business, Bergen Logistics' dedicated and hardworking team helps us to impress our customer every day.

Their expertise with garment-on-hanger and e-commerce fulfillment has been invaluable as our business has grown and expanded. They have handled everything we've asked of them and more. Their dedication to constant improvements in their process and investment in modern technology has made us more efficient, more effective and have allowed us to focus on our business.

Matthew Eiss-Proctor
Chief Operating Officer
Promgirl, llc
Bergen Logistics has proven to be a strong and reliable partner to Tory Burch. Our growth was outpacing our ability to scale our distribution and fulfillment capabilities. Bergen provided immediate relief, responding to our requirements in a timely and efficient manner. The level of service and execution exhibited by the team at Bergen, have helped us to consistently meet, and often exceed the expectations of our customers. I enjoy working with the team at Bergen, and would recommend their services from a 3PL distribution and fulfillment perspective.

Mike Giresi, CIO/BPO Tory Burch
GANT has been working with Bergen Logistics for over 9 years and we are extremely satisfied with their pick/pack and fulfillment solutions. We’re proud to have grown together with them, especially with their automated warehouse solution which helps us see what’s going on. Their capability to manage our growing business starting from retail distribution to wholesale shipping and then our e-commerce launch a few years ago has been incredible, making each step seamless. I can always count on them to be accurate and to get my orders out in a timely manner. Whenever I have special requests, they are always able to accommodate as well.
Whenever anyone asks about a warehouse service solution, I always refer them to Bergen Logistics because I know that they are professional and get the job done!
Diane Spellman
Logistics Manager
In business, we are all quick to point out to our various suppliers, contractors and affiliated companies the problems and issues that often come up; but seldom make the time to say that things are good.

We want you to know that we think that Bergen Logistics is excellent at what they do and we are very pleased to be associated with you. Please share our sentiments with your team and we look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship.

Howard Sheer - Ecru.
We are very pleased to have found your company last Feb, and to have been able to establish such a good business relationship.
It is a pleasure to work with Hitania, Beni and Nelson, with whom I am almost in daily communication.
When serving to a customer such as Nordstrom, it is crucial to comply and deliver orders in time, as important as the quality of the product itself, for we all represent the client's brand name (in this case Nordstrom) and have to be up to their standard. I am convinced we made the right decision coming over to your company. Eva Torrent, Pez D’Or.
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